Pieminister has Arrived!

Pieminister has brought their delicious range of pies to our Debenhams Restaurant – currently the only venture in Scotland.

Renowned for producing really good pie and mash, Pieminister pride themselves on the quality of their ingredients and use only ethically sourced products which they have won many awards from.

Now available at Debenhams, Stirling you can enjoy 3 delicious pies…

Moo –  British Beef Steak and Craft Ale Pie

Free Ranger – Free range British chicken & Wiltshire cured ham pie with leek and thyme

Heidi – Goats cheese, sweet potato, spinach and red onion pie (V)


For just £8.50 you get your pie with Minty Mushy Peas, Creamy Mash and Gravy!

Or why not upgrade to a “Mothership” which is all the above but with crispy onions and cheddar cheese on the top.

What will you choose?