Sustainability-themed Wolf Pack launches for 2020 with ‘Grime Scene’

Thistles’ creative and educational kids’ club will turn children into ‘Sustainable Supers’


Following the success of Wolf Pack in 2019 which saw children engage with the ‘bug-tastic’ Wilderness Wonders, the monkey business Jungle Explorers, and the spooky Dr. Frankenstein, Thistles’ kids’ club will make its long-awaited return this month.


Wolf Pack is completely free, and will launch this year with ‘Grime Scene’, an engaging and interactive workshop focussing on water sanitation on Sunday 23 February. The club will involve a number of hands on experiments – some of which will even include dry ice!


Kids will get the chance to don their lab coats and sign the Wolf Pack Pledge, before learning the ‘oath’ to protect the planet – an oath they must go away and teach to the grown-ups as well. Between the hours of 11am and 4pm, they will be the ‘Sustainable Supers’ of their generation, saving the planet one water sanitation-based activity at a time.


Gary Turnbull, centre director at Thistles, is looking forward to the return of Wolf Pack, and said: “We couldn’t be happier to be offering additional Wolf Pack entertainment for another year. The issue of sustainability is one we are very much engaged with, so we’re excited to be able to teach the new generation all about saving the planet and looking after their environment.


“There will be plenty to get stuck into and enjoy, and I can’t think of a better way to start the year than with ‘Grime Scene’ – who doesn’t want to play with dry ice, and learn a secret club-style oath? The world really is their oyster, and we’re excited to help open their eyes to all of the different possibilities.”


There will be ten jam-packed, topical kids’ club sessions throughout the year, with the Stirling shopping centre promising another exciting programme. Children will be taught about sustainability, looking after each other, and saving the planet through a series of crafty, educational, and – most importantly – fun events.


Leading the way are the ‘Sustainable Supers’ – heroes that protect the world, are clued up on all things sustainable and reducing carbon footprints. They will be dressed to impress in themed outfits for each event, whether they’re crafting, dancing, storytelling or more!


Thistles’ Wolf Pack is a completely free event, and children will receive a loyalty card which can be exchanged for a £5 Thistles gift card for every three sessions attended. Launching on Sunday 23 February, the kids’ club takes place between 11am until 4pm on the last Sunday of every month until the end of November.


A full timetable can be found by visiting the Thistles website: